WebWize Back-Up | Your Small and Medium Business Online Cloud Data Backup and Recovery Solution, Houston Texas

WebWize Back-Up | Your Small and Medium Business Online Cloud Data Backup and Recovery Solution, Houston Texas

Small Business Data Cloud Online Backup - Webwize Back-Up WebWize Back-Up is a small and medium size business answer to Enterprise Level Back-Up without the Enterprise cost.
Until now, only major corporations could afford Enterprise Level Online Backup. WebWize Back-Up provides small and medium sized businesses a complete, secure encrypted, redundant Cloud Back-Up solution Online Date Backup and Managed Services - Webwize Back-Upat a price they can afford. WebWize Back-Up is a fully Managed Backup Service -- You concetrate on what you do best, running your sucessful business, let WebWize Back-Up handle your Online Cloud Backup. Don't use a 'Break-then-fix-it' approach, be Pro-Active with WebWize Back-Up. It's the best insurance your company will ever have. Data Recovery and Online Backup - Webwize Back-Up
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Online Cloud Backup - Webwize Back-Up

Backup your company's critical data with WebWize Back-Up, a Small and Medium Size Business Online Backup Soulution. Enterprise Level Online Backup at a price Small and Medium sized businesses can afford.

Online-Back-up Client - Webwize Back-Up
Features: Block-Level Backup

While different backup solutions appear similar on the outside, how they perform inside varies tremendously. Our Block_level Backup technology is what makes WebWize Back-Up faster and more efficient than others.

Smaller Blocks of Data Backup = Less Waste

Once a file has been saved once, WebWize Back-Up backs up only changes, down to the block level. This allows users to backup more files in the same backup window, since incremental backups are smaller than they would be otherwise.

Because WebWize Back-Up only sends changed blocks, rather than the whole file or bigger chunks of it, significantly less data needs be sent, so users are able to backup more data in less time.

And, with less data moved and stored for file changes, WebWize Back-Up minimizes the cost of storage.

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