Online Backup Overview - WebWize Back-Up - Cloud Backup solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Overview of WebWize Back-Up the Enterprise Level Online Cloud Backup Solution for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Small Business Data Cloud Online Backup - Webwize Back-Up WebWize Back-Up is a small and medium size business answer to Enterprise Level Back-Up without the Enterprise cost.
Until now, only major corporations could afford Enterprise Level Online Backup. WebWize Back-Up provides small and medium sized businesses a complete, secure encrypted, redundant Cloud Back-Up solution Online Date Backup and Managed Services - Webwize Back-Upat a price they can afford. WebWize Back-Up is a fully Managed Backup Service -- You concetrate on what you do best, running your sucessful business, let WebWize Back-Up handle your Online Cloud Backup. Don't use a 'Break-then-fix-it' approach, be Pro-Active with WebWize Back-Up. It's the best insurance your company will ever have. Data Recovery and Online Backup - Webwize Back-Up
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Online Cloud Backup - Webwize Back-Up

Backup your company's critical data with WebWize Back-Up, a Small and Medium Size Business Online Backup Soulution. Enterprise Level Online Backup at a price Small and Medium sized businesses can afford.

Online-Back-up Client - Webwize Back-Up
Overview: WebWize Back-Up Service Overview

WebWize Back-Up is an online backup managed service. We offer you, the small to medium sized business owner, an affordable way to backup, monitor and restore your company's critical data.

Our WebWize Back-Up solution contains 3 elements and services:
  1. WebWize Back-Up Client
    Our Client resides on all your workstations, laptops and servers where you want digital information replicated to the cloud.

  2. Monitoring and Reporting Service
    We monitor and manage your backups. If at anytime your computers are not connected to the WebWize Back-Up servers, we will know about it.

  3. Restoration Service
    In the event of a data loss or catastrophic event, WebWize Back-Up is there to assist you with your critical data recovery. Each installation of our WebWize Client, has restoration built-in. You can have us walk you through restoration or we can handle restoration for you.
We can setup reporting and auto notifications in a variety of ways. Successful backups, unsuccessful backups, disconnects, errors, etc. WebWize Back-Up allows us to customize your Backup service to meet your individual business needs.

Remember, we have developed this service with you, our client in mind. WebWize Back-Up is designed to allow you to concentrate on your business knowing we are monitoring and verifying your company's critical data is being backed-up.

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